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Singer heavy duty sewing machine reviews

It’s the singer heavy-duty model.
А machine it’s pretty heavy-duty it doesn’t weigh too much maybe 13-14 pounds or so. Аnd it has a compartment here with all the little goodies.

Here it comes with a different a few different things. Some spool caps and two bobbins in here and there’s one inside. Here the little lid brushes the seam ripper, there’s a zipper foot a buttonhole foot, a guide here a second spool cap and a little pack of needles and then, of course, you have your buttonhole foot in here.

I’ll be reviewing it I’ll be sharing with you exactly my opinions and what I think about this machine right so first.

Let’s check if it has a free arm perfect. It slides off pretty easily so if we’re doing sleeves or hems little kids clothes and hemming around small pants and sleeves and stuff this is great.

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Now looking at this I can automatically tell by seeing the front of it that this machine is not computerized. I actually like mechanical machines that don’t have like the computer screen here I like them as well.

I like it it has the numbers and markings of how to thread it. That’s real simple a lot of more of the basic things that you’ll find in these more entry-level machines right now you have here your different stitches. It has a good variety it has a few decorative stitches surprisingly.

I thought it was going to be more of a utility machine there’s a couple of different stitches here some decorative ones and then you have you know your three-step zigzag which I love to use for elastics.

Singer heavy duty 2

You have your stretch stitch for working with stretch knits and like swimwear dancewear type fabrics.
You have a buttonhole foot I mean a buttonhole stitch of course because we have the buttonhole supplies that we need.
You have like your basic blanket stitches and some zig-zag stitch and straight stitch. We pretty much have anything that you would need for your basic projects right then up.

We have our stitch length and it goes on this machine. It goes from zero to four.
Then we have our stitch width up here which goes all the way up to a six. Then you also have I like this it has a needle position so oftentimes on computerized machines you’ll press a button or a couple of buttons to move the needle over and on some of the more entry-level mechanical machines.

Singer heavy duty sewing 3 machine

You won’t even have the option of switching over the needle position so this is surprising that you can put it all the way to the right in the middle or to the left so this is a really good feature to have on here.

Then here we have our tension dial. Then here we have the little spool to wind the bobbin and is the spool cap little awkwardly placed. I feel like it doesn’t stand up it just fits in here so I guess if I mean you’d have to make sure that the spools that you use were some of the smaller ones like this which is okay for the home store this is mostly what people have as well but if you are using a large spool like this you’re going to need something else.

Singer heavy duty sewing machine 4

I can adapter and from the looks of it, it looks like it’s pretty easy to thread it um yeah it does have an automatic needle threader so that’s impressive for an entry-level machine and price.

You have the little thing back here which is for when you’re doing your buttonholes. This pops up like this it has a little bobbin in there as well so this is a top-loading bobbin machine which most of the newer models of all kinds of makes of machines are the same way as. Can see that from the one cord you get both the plug that goes into the wall and your foot pedal so that’s good. And the light it’s not a yellow light it seems pretty white to me so that’s good.

let’s get to stitch it and see what this baby can do.

There’s one guide behind the other guide and let me see a needle position in the middle. Say about this needle threader so my first try sees perfectly well that was easy so super easy needle threader now let me load the bobbin just goes right through there. I’ll tug on this one turn the handwheel and pull that thread. Out that’s one thing about the mechanical machines you want to get everything situated before you start stitching okay so let’s try it first.

We’re going to start off here with some regular quilting cotton. This is just white cotton. Make sure I’m folding it through two layers because that’s how we would normally stitch the presser foot lever back here is nice and big. That’s helpful and let’s stitch and see what we get okay.

This machine is fast one thing that I’ve noticed here is that it doesn’t have the speed control like some other machines have so the control of how fast you’re going to be sewing is going to be just a solely based on how hard you’re pressing down on the foot pedal. I’m glad to see that there is a little thread cutter right here so when you’re done sewing you can just cut it. The stitch quality “Wow”. It’s pretty nice actually “Wow”. I didn’t have to adjust anything I left it just in the middle tension.

Singer heavy duty sewing machine 5

Let’s switch it up to a zig-zag stitch and see what we get.

Yeah, this thing is fast if I floor it it’s like at the speed that I love to sew up which is super fast okay. We have a large zigzag here the stitches are nice so okay so that’s the basic on that’s your basic quilting cotton now. Let’s start working on some different types of fabrics let me put it back to my straight stitch there is no straight stitch and about a 2.5 is fine.

This is some cotton flannel so it’s a little bit sturdier than this and of course we’re going to double up the fabric as well and see what we get. Nice it feels good stitching on it the quality is really really nice I’m super impressed all right.

Let’s keep going here now I have some faux suede so it’s a little plastic you finally feeling at the top it’s kind of light to medium white. So we’ll try just a different texture and see and then notice that this machine because it’s mechanical and an entry-level machine it doesn’t have the needle up-down position. You basically just have to tap it with your foot or turn the hand lever here to bring the needle up or down while.

This stitch through the faux suede is really nicely okay really really nice actually. I’m using a bright thread so you all can see the stitching a little bit better. Hopefully, be able to make out the stitch quality that’s coming out of this machine here.

Singer heavy duty sewing machine 6

Now let’s move on to some finicky ER fabrics. Here I have some really lightweight stretch knit you can see when I tug on it kind of rolls so this is really lightweight stuff and so let’s double this up and see what we get.

I’m going to try a few different stitches normally on a stretch project a stretch. Knit project or garment like this if it’s going to get a lot of stretches I won’t use a straight stitch but I want to see what it looks like. We’ll try that first then we’ll go to the stretch stitch and then we’ll do a zigzag.

Then we go bring that needle up nice the fabric didn’t pucker at all and it didn’t eat my fabric. That’s really impressive because usually when you’re working with these really lightweight knits the machines once you take those first couple stitches it’ll kind of jam them into the bed of the machine if you guys are watching this and you’ve tried it before you probably can relate that was good to see that it didn’t do it. And again this is my first time ever using this machine okay guys I didn’t do it I didn’t play with it before.

Now let’s do a let’s find the stretch stitch here. I can see it’s a blue mark so I have to switch it to s1 here so then I can access now these the other stitches that are on here built-in, which is the blue one so that’s stretch.

best sewing machine

This machine is really fast for a home sewing machine it’s super fast so you can see the really nice quality. This is good for topstitching on stretchy fabrics but it didn’t pucker it up I
didn’t even have to use a walking foot.

Let’s try a zig-zag stitch and see if it creates this kind of tunneling that you get sometimes when you’re doing basic zigzag stitches on really lightweight in it. We’ll try that and see back to the regular stitches we’ll do a 2.5 the zigzag here and we’ll do like a 2.5 of the width super fast. You will have to stop you know either turn the handwheel or tap on the foot pedal to get that needle to come up or down since it’s a mechanical machine. Here we have our zig-zag stitch and it didn’t I mean it kind of puckers it a little bit just because the fabric is so lightweight but it doesn’t look bad at all really nice quality.

best sewing machine 7

Let’s move on now to some bulkier fabrics here. I have a Ponte knit so this is like a double knit’s it’s like a medium white and it’s really stretchy so we’ll run a couple of stitches onto this and see how it. A narrow zigzag oh yeah this would be really nice to put a garment together with a really narrow zigzag that can also work as a stretch stitch nice so.

best sewing machine 10

Now let’s get into some bulkier fabrics.

Here I have some fleece so this is more heavyweight it’s nice and fluffy and I’ve already checked the needle that came in the machine is already in 90/14 and we’re going to double it up and do some straight stitching on here see what we get.

best sewing machine 15

Nice! No puckering the fabric looks good no skip stitches in there which is really good. Now for the ultimate test, we’re going to put this through the multiple denim layer test. Let’s hope that I don’t break it since I haven’t done this before on this machine and its stretch denim you can see the seam there for the legs so it’s bulkier denim for jeans.

We’re going to first double it up so now we have two layers of denim so that’s stitch through that super easily the stitches look great actually.

Singer heavy duty sewing machine: jeans

Wow really nice so now let’s double it up again here so now I have four layers of denim and I’m going a little bit slower I don’t want to pop a needle or anything but there’s no hesitation in the stitching the goals that are smooth.

Singer heavy duty sewing machine: jeans 2

Again the stitch quality is really nice I’m going to now fold it up this way alright so this way was four so we’re doubling four plus four now and that’s going to give me eight layers of denim. Let’s see if I can even get some clearance in here alright so eight layers of denim right now for the test let’s see.

Singer heavy duty sewing machine: jeans 3

Wow not bad at all not bad eight layers of denim no skip stitches. You guys got to see this so here it is. This is the last line that I stitch that goes through all eight layers you can see it right here no skip stitches at all I’m super impressed with this little machine.

Singer heavy duty sewing machine: jeans 5

So, there it is so it’s living up to its name of being a heavy-duty sewing a machine. Just a quick recap on the machine again it’s the singer heavy-duty model number 4443.

So I’ll leave you with that now some of the other things that came in the box with the machine are a little slipcover and of course the instruction manual.

Your needle position that you can switch from left to the far right middle and far left your tension settings it also has that automatic needle threader as well it does buttonholes you saw.
It stitches through eight layers of denim and a variety of other fabrics. Even if you don’t know what types of projects you want to make this machine will definitely be able to be carried over to a ton of different projects.

I hope you all enjoyed my quickie little review again. This was my first time unboxing this machine and ever using it in my life and I will have to say that I was pretty impressed.

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