Best sewing machine for leather in 2020/2021

Sewing work with leather is creative, enriching, and inexpensive. With the unique material, the right tools, a sewing machine for leather, and the following knowledge, sewing is a lot of fun.

In the textile industry, leather is one of the most common fabrics. In order to make leather goods and chic clothing, the natural material has to be sewn together – like other fabrics. A leather sewing machine is used to sew leather in a durable and seamless manner. In a leather sewing machine test, you will find a clear compilation of the leather sewing machines suitable for your needs.

On the Internet, you can browse to your heart’s content and buy a leather sewing machine online. Custom made leather clothing is tasteful and modern. It completes your wardrobe and is an aesthetic eye-catcher for every occasion. With a leather sewing machine, you can also make small gifts or interesting projects from the resistant material.
What to look for when buying?

Leather is one of the hardest materials. It is all the more important than the leather sewing machine is also right. Because with the right leather sewing machine, even demanding fabrics such as leather can be sewn together or mended more easily. It can therefore always be worthwhile to buy a sewing machine for leather and jeans.

Price. When buying a sewing machine for leather, however, you should not only pay attention to the selection of programs but also to the price. That is why many leather sewing machines are offered used. Buying this sewing machine for leather used is especially recommended for those who are sewing for the first time with such a sewing machine or who do not need it very often.

Reviews. Customer reviews or tests can also help when buying a leather sewing machine. The more programs such a leather sewing machine has, the more likely it is that it can also sew leather.

Size. Since these leather machines do not take up much space, they can be stored in the living room or in smaller rooms to save space. Unlike the quilting machine, it can also be transported without any problems.

Functions. Incidentally, it doesn’t matter whether artificial leather or real leather is to be processed, everything is possible. Thanks to the free arm function, even beginners will find it easier to operate such a sewing machine.

Power source and follow-up costs. In addition to work materials, special sewing needles and threads, electricity costs are incurred. With an industrial leather sewing machine, the monthly energy costs increase significantly. Professional electrical work is necessary for high-performance sewing machines. Compare the expected power consumption in operating instructions or in a leather sewing machine test.

Top Ratings: Everything You Need To Know

Consew 206RB-5

best sewing machine for leatherConsew 206RB-5 – really deserves attention, as the sewing machine can boast of its reliability and long years of work. The stitch length is 10 mm and the foot lifter is 14 mm high. The large bobbin is also a great advantage of this sewing machine. This device is indispensable when working with materials for cars, canvas works, as well as home furniture. The sewing machine has a huge number of advantages and all the available possibilities. One user once wrote in his review that this model is really powerful and good in its technical characteristics. A sewing machine has proven to be an excellent option when working with military and leather armchairs.

However, many users write that this sewing machine is not suitable for beginners. For work, preliminary preparation is required. As you work, you will notice that a machine is a great option for straight stitching as well as zigzag stitching. For you, it will often become necessary to lubricate the machine and let it work at the highest speed for at least an hour. Inspect the machine to qualify the perfect lubrication points due to the fact that in its manual there are images of low quality, illustrating the lubrication points. The Consew 206RB-5 is powered by a servo motor and you can adjust the speed with the support of a foot pedal. The number of stitches you sew per minute is dependent on the speed of your motor and you can enter it up to 3300 SPM. It is not suitable for constant repair and processing of fabrics, because it is an upholstery machine designed for languid tasks, such as painting, upholstery, etc. if you are not in the mood for a mechanic, hire someone or contact a supplier to customize it for you. The bulk of the users appreciated its high-quality tools. Experts also advised him to anyone who prefers to sew a large amount.


  • Ideal for topstitching.
  • Pedal for foot.
  • High RPM.


  • No instructions.
  • Not friendly for beginners.
  • Yamata FY5318

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Yamata 5318

best sewing machine for leather Yamata Walking Foot FY-0303

The Yamata 5318 is an excellent choice for materials such as leather, car covers, heavy materials, and furniture tats.

This YAMATA FY5318 1-needle industrial sewing machine is a flatbed shuttle embroidery machine with upper and lower conveyors and a horizontal axis elevated shuttle.

The double synchronized advance is produced by the presser foot and the lower transport guide. The walking foot guarantees measured material feeding for the highest quality. The machine uses a shuttle device with an increased coil size, in fact, which reduces the number of threads threaded into the shuttle. Equipped with a huge shuttle. Equipped with a frictional electric drive. Self-acting lubrication.

Industrial sewing machines Yamata FY-5318 have shown themselves at the main sewing enterprises of the state, for example, they have the highest reliability, highest accuracy, and ease of use.


  • Sewing speed – 2000 sti / min.
  • Stitch length 8 mm.
  • Raise the presser foot – 13 mm.


  • Not suitable for beginners.

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Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine

Beginners and professionals alike should get along well with the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 sewing machine. According to the users, it impresses with its simple operation, low operating noise, and allows numerous stitches: You can set a total of 600 stitch patterns, plus 13 automatic buttonholes. The presser foot has a snap system and can therefore literally be changed in no time. Thus the machine allows the processing of practically all textiles. You can set the stitch length to up to 7 millimeters and therefore very variable. The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 collects plus points thanks to the extensive range of accessories, including needles, bobbins, numerous presser feet, and thread spool holders. You currently pay around 530 euros for the machine. It can be expected that the investment will pay off.


  • High range of functions.
  • Very variable stitch width.
  • Easy presser foot change.


  • None yet.

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Janome HD3000

best sewing machine for leather and denim

It is not without reason that you are guaranteed a five-year guarantee when you buy a Janome HD3000 sewing machine. In principle, the Japanese manufacturer proves how convinced they are of their own products. And not just the high reliability of the Janome sewing machines. The loyalty of customers can also be largely explained by the high quality of the devices. And at the same time by the fact that the manufacturer is constantly working on improvements in order to continue helping the Janome sewing machines to continue to be internationally successful and to ensure satisfied faces among customers.

The manufacturer is particularly proud of the innovative ways that they have been creating for several years in the production of embroidery machines.

In addition to the sewing machine, there is an instruction manual, an extensive range of accessories, and an accessory compartment.

The computer-controlled sewing machine has 60 utility and decorative stitches. The device also has a jam-free Janome gripper, an extra-large free arm, a stitch navigator, and an illuminated, easy-to-read LCD display. The equipment list also includes the adjustable presser foot pressure and the 7-segment feeder, the latter can be lowered. We would like to mention the throat plate with special lines, the start/stop button, the one-hand threader, and the speed controller.

Janome is great for beginners. A large display with lighting helps with valuable information on the selected stitch as well as tips on the perfect settings and the recommended presser foot. Navigation buttons guide you through the menu of the computer-controlled sewing machine.


  • Long guarantee.
  • Very reliable and robust.
  • Many extra functions.


  • Not suitable for professionals.

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Janome HD 1000

best sewing machine for leather jackets


If you choose the HD 1000 from Janome, you get a combination of a sewing machine and an embroidery machine. A multitude of innovative technical innovations distinguishes the Janome in its function both as a sewing and embroidery machine. Janome HD 1000 is suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

In its function as a sewing machine, the Janome HD 1000 is perfect with more than 500 sewing stitches including numerous one-step buttonholes. 438 built-in embroidery patterns and an electronic jump stitch cut are available as an embroidery machine. Decorative stitches can of course be sewn. Various fonts and buttonholes are available.

The Janome supports the user when sewing with an automatic threader. After finishing the sewing work, an automatic thread cutter helps to properly cut the thread. The function of a practical knee lever control and a throat plate with sensor recognition make work much easier. The double, variable fabric transport ensures perfect guidance. Buttonholes are freely adjustable in spacing and size. The metal rail under the fabric contributes to the success of the optimal transport. Sewing and embroidery are possible with up to 1000 stitches per minute.

The stainless steel plate on the free arm is engraved with units of measurement. A 3-way presser foot lift, foot lifter, and knee lever can be set in motion by pressing a button. The Vario-Zig-Zag can be easily changed with the knee lever. The sewing foot stroke is electronically controlled automatically. Jump threads are always neatly cut during the embroidery process. In its function as a sewing and embroidery machine, the Janome is characterized by its very quiet operation, we can see from the customer reports on Amazon. So there is nothing to prevent you from working late at night.


  • Lots of accessories.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not found.

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Brother ST371HD

best sewing machine for leather bags

In the sewing category, Brother got the best rating among normal sewing machines. The straight stitch is perfect, the other stitches are good. Thick fabrics, tight-edged sewing, and cross seams are no problem. Layers of fabric do not slip and the Brother is very suitable for buttonholes and zippers. The sewing machine was the best in the test for overcasting edges.

The Brother ST371HD also collects the most points in handling. According to the experts, the instructions for use are easy to understand and even inexperienced people should be able to thread the thread. The sewing machine is very good at sewing in reverse, and it also works slowly for decorative work and as an aid for beginners. In addition, the device is illuminated with LEDs and works quite quietly.

In the load test, the Brother sewing machine showed no weaknesses, even after 50 hours of operation, the seams are as excellent as before. The general workmanship of the device is of high quality.


  • Good to very good seams.
  • Exact automatic buttonhole.
  • Also easy to use for newbies.


  • No outer material transport.
  • Quite expensive.

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SINGER 4452 1

The Singer 4452 is extremely robust and equipped with a stable metal frame. Thanks to the stainless steel base plate, this ensures a stable and secure stand. The household sewing machine SINGER 4452 is well equipped with 23 utility and decorative stitches. It is able to take around 1,100 stitches per minute. The powerful motor with high penetrating power also processes thick fabrics. The adjustable presser foot pressure and the integrated snap-on presser foot system enable the presser feet to be changed quickly.

The Singer sewing machine is described as excellent by Amazon customers. The electric sewing machine has proven to be robust and stable. It is provided with a stable metal frame and stainless steel base plate, which ensure a stable stand. The 23 utility and decorative stitches that can be sewn at an extra-high sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute are particularly popular. Thanks to the powerful motor with high penetrating power, even thick fabrics can be carefully processed. The simple operation allows an adjustable stitch length using the selection wheel. From other user reports of the SINGER 4452 sewing machine, we could see that the adjustable presser foot pressure and the snap-on presser foot system ensure that the presser feet can be changed quickly. With the top drop-in bobbin and built-in needle threader, the sewing machine is also suitable for frequent sewers. Many users find the stitch width of a maximum of 6 mm particularly good, with which, for example, beautiful satin stitch effects can be created. The extra-high sewing foot position can be used for thick layers of fabric.


  • Many stitch programs.
  • Sewing leather and jeans.


  • Not found.

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Juki DDL-8700-H Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine


With a maximum stitch speed of 2,500 st / min and a sewing foot stroke of up to 13 mm, this sewing machine is ideal for tailoring, frequent sewers, studios, or for sewing bags. For extreme work, we also offer machines with triple transport.

JUKI DDL 8700 with thread cutter:

  • Single-needle lockstitch bottom feed machine with needle positioning (up / down).
  • Needle size Nm 65 to Nm 110.
  • 220-volt JUKI servo motor and SC-920 control.
  • Ready to sew and mounted on a height-adjustable standard frame with a Formica tabletop 106 x 55 cm.
  • Control panel with the manual speed limit.
  • Automatic sewing foot lift.
  • Thread cutter.
  • Interlocking.
  • Automatic for labels/stickers.
  • Thread wiper.
  • Foot lift via knee and hand lever and foot pedal with swiveling sewing lamp.

Optional: medium sewing set (throat plate and feed dog for thick/difficult fabrics).


  • Ease of use.
  • Multifunctionality.


  • Difficulties for beginners.

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Your Choice is Important

Best sewing machineIn addition to working materials, special sewing needles and threads, energy costs also arise. When using an industrial leather sewing machine, monthly energy costs increase significantly. High-performance sewing machines require professional electrical work. Compare the expected power consumption with the instruction manual or the leather sewing machine test.

The volume of the leather sewing machine is indicated in decibels. Most home sewing machines have a quiet, purring motor. An industrial machine can generate annoying noise.

Household sewing machines are sufficient for private use. Practical sewing supplies from well-known manufacturers cost between $ 200 and $ 500. You can take advantage of special offers, discounts, and free shipping online. When you buy a new one, the manufacturer gives you a long five to 25-year warranty. For a car in the middle price segment, the average warranty period is ten years. If you buy a used and therefore cheaper leather sewing machine, you have no guarantee. There is an increased risk of increased subsequent costs due to replacement parts or repairs.

Leather is one of the most popular materials. They can be found in almost every living room or bedroom. For this reason alone, it is worth switching to a leather sewing machine if you have been sewing with an old or different sewing machine. However, if you can’t decide between a normal sewing machine and a leather sewing machine, you should take the mix. As described above, a sewing machine with a leather function. Then nobody has to worry about whether it is a leather sewing machine or not.

With an overlock sewing machine or a sewing machine for leather, not much can be done wrong. Because these are not only handy and therefore practical, but also made for leather and other fabrics. This leather sewing machine, or a sewing machine for leather, enables quick mending as well as quick changes. A leather machine for leather is not only something for hobby use. Even professionals can benefit from such a leather machine for leather. When sewing leather on a sewing machine, you don’t have to be careful that a needle breaks or the thread breaks. With the leather sewing machine or a sewing machine for leather, everything is set up right from the start so that nothing goes wrong.

With a leather sewing machine for private households, you can process lighter leather fabrics and have a lot of fun sewing tailor-made clothing and covers. The all-in-one machine is sufficient in the hobby area. The motor ratings of the domestic sewing machine are given in amps in the manufacturer’s specifications. The electric sewing machine can be packed and stowed away to save space when not in use. The purpose, space, and budget determine the type of sewing machine for leather.

An industrial machine is suitable for commercial use, in your own hobby workshop, and in leather craftsmanship. The machine comes to a standstill on work tables and has a heavy motor. Versatility and performance are advantages of the industrial machine. The sewing speed reaches between 1500 and 2500 stitches per minute, the maximum stitch length is around ten millimeters.

The power of industrial machines is measured in horsepower. Industrial machines require space, achieve high sewing speeds, and enable long running times with frequent use. An industrial machine has a higher speed range than a household machine. The range of needles is considerably larger. You need a correspondingly higher budget to buy an industrial machine.

You don’t want to buy a leather sewing machine before you try sewing with leather for the first time. However, a standard sewing machine is not suitable for sewing leather. A thinner layer of fabric can be mastered with special tools for leather. Most attempts fail because of the weak needles.

Tip: Try out various sewing jobs with scraps of leather. This will remove any last doubts about the need for a leather sewing machine. The first exercises for safe and clean work with the new leather sewing machine can also be carried out with leftover leather. Shapes and curves need to be learned!

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